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Since its establishment in 1966, Flinders University has enjoyed a well-justified reputation for excellence in teaching and research. It has a long-standing commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all and a proud record of community engagement.


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A modern arthropod (the centipede Cormocephalus) crawls over its Cambrian ‘flatmate’ (the trilobite Estaingia). Michael Lee / South Australian Museum and Flinders University

Life quickly finds a way: the surprisingly swift end to evolution’s big bang

Modern animals took over our planet much more quickly than previously thought. This has both welcome and disturbing implications for the future of life on our rapidly changing planet
Can’t sleep: these cloned macaque monkeys are missing a gene involved in regulating the sleep/wake cycle. Chinese Academy of Sciences via AAP

Cloning monkeys for research puts humans on a slippery ethical slope

Researchers in China have produce a world first: gene edited, cloned macaque monkeys. They say such animals will be vital for research on human health – but ethical concerns remain.
Homo erectus memiliki banyak hal yang menyerupai Homo sapiens - tetapi kita masih belum memiliki data genetika dari spesies ini. from www.shutterstock.com

Sebuah kisah dari Homo erectus, nenek moyang kita yang misterius

Tidak ada fenomena arkeologi yang telah memberikan perubahan besar dalam tahun terakhir selain bagaimana kita memahami garis keturunan kita. Dapatkah pada 2019 kita lebih dalam mengenai Homo erectus?
Homo erectus had many features in common with Homo sapiens – but we still don’t have a genetic profile for this species. from www.shutterstock.com

A snapshot of our mysterious ancestor Homo erectus

No area of archaeology has seen such vibrant change in recent times than how we understand our family tree. Could 2019 be the year we learn more about our mysterious ancestor Homo erectus?
En jouant avec leurs enfants, les parents les aident à développer leur vocabulaire et à mieux appréhender leur environnement. Shutterstock

Tous les jeux sont-ils « éducatifs » ?

Le potentiel éducatif des jeux dépend plus de la manière dont on les utilise que de l’étiquette apposée sur leurs emballages.
A history of dispossession and transgenerational trauma underlie the day-to-day struggles of Indigenous people. from shutterstock.com

It’s despair, not depression, that’s responsible for Indigenous suicide

A diagnosis of mental illness is only one in a number of risk factors for suicide. And for Indigenous Australians, a history of dispossession and disempowerment plays a much bigger role.
Thursday night football in the community of Wadeye, about 420 kilometres south-west of Darwin in the Northern Territory. J. Louth

How sport can tackle violence against women and girls

Primary prevention programs with a footballing focus aim to change behaviours and attitudes among men towards women.
Compiling images from real American politicians with the help of the Victoria Police Criminal Identification Unit, the authors built six “ideal” candidates to test how attractiveness shifts votes. Rodrigo Praino, Daniel Stockemer/Social Science Quarterly

How a candidate’s looks may be swinging your vote (without you even realising it)

Research shows that in elections with low information and poor engagement, candidate attractiveness plays a significant role in how people vote.

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