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Stressful times for mum increase the risk of later problems for her baby. Flickr/Roberto Carlos Pecino

Effects of prenatal stress can affect children into adulthood

If we want to understand child development, we need to start before birth. We have known for decades that health depends on an interaction between our genes and our environment. But we’ve also come to…
Aftermath of the rail accident in northern Spain. Wikimedia Commons

Planes, trains and automobiles: the reality of transport risk

Recent days have seen a string of terrible road and rail accidents: train crashes in France, Spain and Switzerland, a coach crash in Italy and, without the same international publicity, the usual steady…
Analysis of Twitter timing can catch robots red-handed. Flickr: Arthur40A

Human, group or robot? It’s a matter of timing on Twitter

A recent study of Twitter communication patterns has revealed that human activity on Twitter is easily distinguishable from other types of users. By analysing the timing of tweets, we were able to discover…
Magic mushrooms might be less mysterious if scientists could find out more about them. Flickr/ReflexPics

Medical breakthroughs missed because of pointless drug bans

In 1632 the Catholic Church convened a case against Galileo on the grounds that his work using the telescope to explore the nature of the heavens contradicted the church’s teaching - the culmination of…
Musician Courtney Pine might not be able to operate in A&E but his work has some similarities to surgery. Flickr/Richard Kaby

Jazz musicians can teach surgeons how to improvise

What could music and surgery have in common? At first sight, not much. Operations aren’t done on stage in front of a large crowd - and nobody dies after a concert if someone plays a wrong note. As an amateur…
The larval caterpillar of the oak processionary moth: I love the smell of pesticide in the morning. Forestry Commission/Crown Copyright

How to kill a very hungry caterpillar (and its invasive friends)

As thousands of people have descended on the Chelsea Flower Show this week, one exhibit has startled visitors by contrasting its beautiful sunken garden with a sinister avenue of dead trees. Designed by…
Many of us love helium balloons but we need to find and conserve more for use in MRI scanners. PA/Matthew Fearn

We’ll all be worse off when the helium balloon pops

Helium is God’s gift to humankind. It’s particularly fantastic for science and medicine and has allowed us to make an enormous number of fundamental advances. We use it for a whole vast array of things…
Are women are more likely to survive broken heart syndrome? Gabriela Camerotti

A broken heart has some truth to it after all

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy – the strange heart condition that may shed some light on some anecdotal tales about broken hearts.


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