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Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge has been set up as an institution on The Conversation’s platform so we can feature Indigenous knowledge that exists outside formal university settings.


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Angharad Johnson. Reproduced with permission from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Other images provided by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

Can more ethical histories be written about early colonial expeditions? A new project seeks to do just that

Truth-telling is at the heart of a new project re-examining an expedition in Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula. This research aims to address the absence of Aboriginal voices in this history.

Farmers or foragers? Pre-colonial Aboriginal food production was hardly that simple

For a decade, debate has raged over Dark Emu’s account of Aboriginal agriculture. But ancient food production in Australia is more complex than labels like farming or hunter-gathering suggest.
Amber Bracken World Press Photo Foundation/AAP

Beyond Juukan Gorge: how First Nations people are taking charge of clean energy projects on their land

Australia’s road to net zero must pass through Indigenous-held land, which is likely to host many clean energy projects. First Nations people want partnerships that help them protect their Country.
Olkola Elder Uncle Mike Trying on the VR Goggles for the first time, viewing a 3D projection of the Nukakurra trail. Hannah Robertson

Virtual reality is helping Olkola Traditional Owners get back on Country

Olkola Traditional Owners are working with researchers to use digital technologies to see how story interweaves with Country. It also aims to bring Country to Olkola people who are unable to travel.


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