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Northwestern University

Northwestern University combines innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment that transcends traditional academic boundaries. It provides students and faculty exceptional opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth in a setting enhanced by the richness of Chicago, USA.


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A marijuana trafficker practicing his aim in the Guajira, epicenter of Colombia’s first drug boom, in 1979. Romano Cagnoni/Getty Images

Marijuana fueled Colombian drug trade before cocaine was king

Step aside, Pablo Escobar. New research shows it was poor farmers who helped turn Colombia into the world's largest drug producer when they started growing and exporting pot in the 1970s.
Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Minneapolis, Minnesota, before the midday prayer during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that ends May 27, 2020, and is celebrated this year amid pandemic. Stephen Maturen/AFP via Getty Images

Muslim women observe Ramadan under lockdown – and some say being stuck at home for the holiday is nothing new

A survey of Muslim women finds many are frustrated by having a Islamic holy month in quarantine. But others say a 'remote Ramadan' is nothing new because child care duties often keep them home anyway.
Lewat sertifikasi halal, MUI memiliki posisi yang kuat dalam regulasi produk pangan, obat-obatan, dan kosmetik di Indonesia. Hotli Simanjuntak/EPA

Apa dampak politisasi fatwa MUI bagi Indonesia?

Walau tidak semuanya buruk, tapi politisasi fatwa bisa berakibat pada penyeragaman Islam di Indonesia dan ancaman terhadap pluralisme.
Kebijakan #KampusMerdeka memperluas hak belajar di luar kampus - magang, riset lapangan, hingga proyek nirlaba - sampai 3 semester untuk setiap mahasiswa. Shutterstock

Belajar di luar kampus ala #KampusMerdeka: progresif tapi PR masih banyak

Menteri Pendidikan Nadiem Makarim baru-baru ini mengumumkan paket kebijakan #KampusMerdeka. Salah satunya, perluasan hak belajar di luar kampus seperti magang dan riset lapangan, hingga tiga semester.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., fields questions from reporters about an impeachment trial in the Senate, Dec. 10, 2019. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

When a chief justice reminded senators in an impeachment trial that they were not jurors

Democrats blasted Senate leader Mitch McConnell for saying the GOP would run an impeachment trial as President Trump wished. But senators are not held to a juror's neutrality standard during a trial.


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