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San Diego State University

San Diego State University is a major public research institution that provides transformative experiences for its more than 36,000 students. SDSU offers bachelor’s degrees in 95 areas, master’s degrees in 78 areas and doctorates in 22 areas, as well as programs at regional microsites and around the globe. SDSU ranks as the number 1 California State University in federal research support, as one of the top public research Universities in California.

In addition to academic offerings at SDSU, SDSU Imperial Valley and SDSU Georgia, SDSU Global Campus offers online training, certificates and degrees in areas of study designed to meet the needs of students everywhere. Students participate in transformational research, international experiences, sustainability and entrepreneurship initiatives, internships and mentoring, and a broad range of student life and leadership opportunities.

SDSU is committed to inclusive excellence and known for its efforts advancing diversity and inclusion. SDSU is nationally recognized for its study abroad initiatives, veterans’ programs and support of LGBTQA+ students, as well as its powerhouse Division I Athletics Program. About 54% of SDSU’s undergraduate and graduate students are students of color.

SDSU is also a long-standing Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and resides on Kumeyaay land. The university’s rich campus life and location offers opportunities for students to lead and engage with the creative and performing arts, career and internship opportunities with SDSU’s more than 400,000 living alumni, and the vibrant cultural life of the greater San Diego and U.S.- Mexico region.


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Pèlerins musulmans à Mina, près de la ville sainte de La Mecque, en Arabie saoudite, le 18 juin 2024. AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

À la Mecque, vivre le Hadj par une chaleur écrasante

Une vague de chaleur a provoqué une hécatombe parmi les pèlerins venus de quelque 180 pays ayant effectué le Hadj cette année.
The fresh flavors taste good now – a here-and-now reward that’s more motivating than potentially avoiding health problems in the future. kajakiki/E+ via Getty Images

Focus on right now, not the distant future, to stay motivated and on track to your long-term health goals

Long-term goals can be hard to stick to if the benefits are only way off in the future. Research suggests ways to focus on the here and now to help you ultimately achieve your more far-off targets.
Hip-hop culture spread quickly – to places like London, seen here in 1984. Kerstin Rodgers/Redferns

Hip-hop at 50: 7 essential listens to celebrate rap’s widespread influence

On Aug. 11, 1973, a block party in the Bronx spawned a genre that would go on to influence nearly all aspects of US culture – and the music, fashion and art of countries around the world.
Menteri Hukum dan HAM Yasonna H Laoly (kiri) menyerahkan dokumen pandangan pemerintah terkait RKUHP kepada Wakil Ketua DPR Sufmi Dasco Ahmad (kedua kanan). Galih Pradipta/Antara Foto

Politik penistaan: Mengapa Pakistan dan beberapa negara Muslim lain gencar memperketat hukum penistaan agama

Pakar politik menjelaskan sejarah undang-undang penistaan agama di negara-negara mayoritas Muslim dan bagaimana aturan tersebut membungkam perbedaan pendapat.


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