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Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is the state’s oldest public university and largest university, and one of the largest in the nation: a research-intensive, land-grant institution with more than 69,300 students, including nearly 15,000 in graduate or professional school. Students choose from more than 130 undergraduate and 272 graduate degree programs in 16 colleges and schools, and participate in more than 1,100 student-run organizations and activities (including the Big Event, the largest one-day, student-run service project in the United States).

Texas A&M ranks in the top 20 nationally in research expenditures, with more than $922 million in FY2018 (National Science Foundation), and is a member of the Association of American Universities. Texas A&M ranks at or near the top among universities nationally in the areas of academic excellence, value, and affordability; on-time student graduation rates (both overall and for minorities); student engagement and happiness; and students who graduate with less college-related debt and become the nation’s highest-earning graduates. Texas A&M also has more graduates serving as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies than any other university.


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Little to no attention has been given to the father’s potential contribution to fetal alcohol syndrome disorders. Katleho Seisa/E+ via Getty Images

For decades, mothers have borne the brunt of scrutiny for alcohol use during pregnancy − new research points to dad’s drinking as a significant factor in fetal alcohol syndrome

Public health messaging has focused on the drinking habits of the mother during pregnancy. But a growing body of research shows that what dad is drinking before pregnancy matters too.
Few people with SNAP benefits could use them for online purchases before the COVID-19 pandemic. Urupong/ iStock via Getty Images Plus

Letting low-income Americans buy groceries online in 2020 with SNAP benefits decreased the share of people without enough food – new research

The share of low-income US families who sometimes or often didn’t have enough food to eat fell from 24.5% to 22.5% between late April and late July of 2020, a research team found.
Leadership and likability questions help pollsters predict who might win. Osaka Wayne Studios/Moment via Getty Images

Polls have value, even when they are wrong

Data gleaned from even early polls reveals critical clues on how voters view candidates and issues.
Cheriff, 24 ans, dont la peine de quatre mois de prison a été transformée en travail d'intérêt général comme jardinier pour la municipalité de Montreuil en 2018. Philippe Lopez / AFP

Et si les délinquants choisissaient eux-mêmes leurs punitions ?

Dans certaines circonstances, un « menu de sanctions » où le contrevenant choisit lui-même sa punition pourrait être plus efficace qu’une sanction unique définie par les autorités.
Com a taxa de crescimento populacional negativa, em breve a China deve perder o posto de país mais populoso do mundo para a Índia. Andy Wong/ASSOCIATED PRESS

A China precisa de imigrantes, ou viverá uma desaceleração econômica

Desde 2022, o índice de nascimentos é menor que o de. mortes na China. Com a população encolhendo, as taxas de crescimento econômico podem cair a médio e longo prazo.
Suburban development in Maricopa County, Arizona, with lakes, lush golf courses and water-guzzling lawns. Wild Horizon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

What Arizona and other drought-ridden states can learn from Israel’s pioneering water strategy

Arizona is considering a multibillion-dollar desalination project to address its urgent water needs. Three water experts call for a go-slow approach and point to Israel as a role model.
L'exposition au plomb pendant l'enfance peut limiter le développement cognitif et entraîner une baisse du QI. Yamasan/iStock

Tabagisme passif : le plomb de la fumée contaminerait substantiellement enfants et ados

Le tabagisme passif a de nombreuses conséquences pour les personnes qui y sont exposées. C’est en particulier le cas des enfants, dont l’exposition au plomb augmente de façon substantielle.
Americans pay far more for prescription drugs compared with people in other high-income countries. Willie B. Thomas/Digital Vision via Getty Images

Medicare starts a long road to cutting prices for drugs, starting with 10 costing it $50.5 billion annually – a health policy analyst explains why negotiations are promising but will take years

The drug pricing reform may drastically lower prices for some of the most critical life-saving drugs in the long run. But numerous obstacles stand in the way.


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