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The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland, established in 1910, is the largest university in Queensland. UQ is a pace-setter in discovery and translational research, and is committed to teaching excellence and outstanding mentorship that leads to well-rounded graduates who are equipped to live and work effectively in a global environment.


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Keeping the space shuttle together is a tremendous feat of engineering. Stan Honda/AFP

The shuttle launch: delayed (but still worth the Endeavour)

The Space Shuttle Endeavour, one of the most complex machines ever created, is about to take its last trip into space. But not just yet. The countdown to Endeavour’s final flight began a few days ago…
Building your Personal Brand is critical to professional success. Semantic Will/flickr

Because you’re worth it – how a personal brand helps your career

In the late 1980s and early 1990s social and cultural researchers and thinkers began to articulate how changes in the organization of global capitalism were affecting cultural life. The shift toward networked…
Australia has little to fear from China’s latest five-year plan. AAP

Don’t be scared, China’s plan is good for Australia

There are two main fears about the possible implications for Australia in China’s latest five-year economic plan, but in reality, we have little to worry about. In fact, Australia has much to gain from…
Just how vulnerable and defenceless are whales? Flickr/Guarda La

Whaling may be over, but don’t be smug

There are several reasons why Australians should welcome the imminent demise of Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. But none of them relate to the triumphal claims recently expressed by the likes of…
Feeling cheery? Set up a recycling bin! dunkr/Flickr

Stop worrying about the environment - it isn’t helping

Australians worry about the environment but they do little to protect it. Psychological research offers one possible solution: stop worrying! Feeling happy is in fact the best way to encourage environmentally…
Complementary medicines make up half the healthcare industry. Jeff Kubina/Flickr

Reining in cowboys of complementary medicine

Despite increasing uptake of complementary medicine, professions within its range remain unregulated, undocumented and their impact on health generally unknown. This has created an informal ‘black market…
Julia Gillard, with Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans, announcing the GST review in Perth on Wednesday. AAP

The winners, whiners and miners in Gillard’s GST review

Why has the Federal Government launched a review into the distribution of GST revenue among the states? There are two reasons. One, there is a need for genuine reform in that the effective amount of GST…


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