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The University of Calgary is a publicly funded research-intensive university founded in 1966, with 14 faculties offering more than 250 academic programs, and more than 50 research institutes and centres. As one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities, UCalgary combines the best of university tradition with the City of Calgary’s vibrant energy and diversity. Combining our commitment to excellence in research and scholarship, a high-quality learning environment, and our deep connections with the Calgary community, we provide students the opportunity to shape their future and become productive citizens and leaders in a complex world.


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Where will it end: enhancement-lympics?

The Paralympics seems to define itself as representing the below species-typical, impaired people and the Olympics are the species-typical although on the upper end of the bell curve (see my blog To define…
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Why does one boost? An under-researched area

The BBC recently had a story Paralympic athletes who harm themselves to perform better which described various ways how disabled athletes try to boost their performance level. Common boosting techniques…
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Expectations of the Paralympics

What do disabled people in the UK and the non-disabled British Public expect from the Paralympic Games? Let me give you some results of different polls reflecting the British public and disabled people’s…
Artificial leg wearers tend to fare better than “wheelchair-bound” athletes in the media. Jason Verwey

Leg-ism leaves some Paralympic stars out on a limb

We all know the media is influential. We also know the media’s portrayal of disability issues and disabled people is uneven. Such biases are also evident in the portrayal of the technology employed by…

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