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Located on the slopes of Devil’s Peak in Cape Town, the University of Cape Town is a leading, research-intensive university in South Africa and on the continent, known for its academic excellence and pioneering scholarship. The university is home to a third of South Africa’s A-rated researchers (acknowledged by the Department of Science and Technology as international leaders in their field) and a fifth of the country’s national research chairs. UCT encourages students and staff to use their expertise to speed up social change and economic development across the country and continent, while pursuing the highest standards of excellence in academic knowledge and research: developing African solutions to African challenges that are also shared by developing nations around the world.

UCT, like the city of Cape Town, has a vibrant, cosmopolitan community drawn from all corners of South Africa. It also attracts students and staff from more than 100 countries in Africa and the rest of the world. The university has strong partnerships and networks with leading African and other international institutions - helping to enrich the academic, social and cultural diversity of the campus as well as to extend the reach of UCT’s academic work.


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Lagoons and vineyards from Gydo Pass in the Western Cape. Water is crucial for such commodities. Shutterstock

How Western Cape farmers are being hit by the drought

In periods of water stress, farmers need support, research assistance and empathy from governments and competing water users.
Le placenta constitue un moyen privilégié de comprendre le développement du bébé, puisqu’il s’agit du seul lien entre l'organisme de la mère et celui de l’enfant. Daniel Reche/Pixabay

Ce que les mères séropositives nous apprennent sur le placenta

Les femmes porteuses du VIH présentent des taux plus élevés d’accouchements prématurés. Le placenta pourrait être en cause, montrant son rôle capital dans la protection du fœtus.

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