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Only about 1 in 3 LGBTQ victims of violent hate crimes seek professional help for mental health issues that emerge after an attack. Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images

LGBTQ Americans are 9 times more likely to be victimized by a hate crime

For the first time, researchers have been able to produce estimates of the rate of hate crimes against LGBTQ people.
Banjir dari badai seperti Irma di Florida dapat membanjiri sistem saluran pembuangan dan menyebarkan patogen dengan cara lain. Brian Blanco/Getty Images

58% penyakit menular manusia dapat diperburuk oleh perubahan iklim – kami menjelajahi 77.000 riset untuk petakan jalurnya

Jumlah terbesar penyakit yang diperparah oleh perubahan iklim melibatkan penularan melalui vektor, seperti yang disebarkan oleh nyamuk, kelelawar atau hewan pengerat.
Sunscreens for sale at a Walgreens drug store. Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Do chemicals in sunscreens threaten aquatic life? A new report says a thorough assessment is ‘urgently needed,’ while also calling sunscreens essential protection against skin cancer

Rising concern about possible environmental damage from the active ingredients in sunscreens could have ripple effects on public health if it causes people to use less of them.
Las inundaciones provocadas por huracanes como Irma en Florida pueden saturar los sistemas de alcantarillado y propagar patógenos. Brian Blanco / Getty Images

El 58 % de las enfermedades infecciosas humanas puede empeorar con el cambio climático

Una reciente investigación confirma que las inundaciones, el calor extremo y otros peligros climáticos aumentan el contacto entre humanos y agentes patógenos y afectan a la capacidad del organismo para combatir enfermedades.
Flooding from hurricanes like Irma in Florida can overwhelm sewer systems and spread pathogens in other ways. Brian Blanco/Getty Images

58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change – we scoured 77,000 studies to map the pathways

It’s not just mosquitos. Flooding, extreme heat and other climate-related hazards are bringing people into contact with pathogens more often, and affecting people’s ability to fight off disease.
The eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 sent volcanic dust and gases circling the Earth, creating spectacular sunsets captured by artists. William Ashcroft via Houghton Library/Harvard University

Cómo los atardeceres rojos de Hawái permitieron a un científico aficionado descubrir las corrientes en chorro

El reverendo Sereno Edwards Bishop movilizó a los capitanes de los barcos para rastrear las extraordinarias puestas de sol que aparecen en todo el mundo después de la erupción del Krakatoa en 1883.
Anak-anak penyandang autisme memiliki karakter khusus dan perlu strategi pembelajaran yang juga spesifik. Olesiabilkei |

Memajukan pendidikan untuk anak autisme di Indonesia, apa kendalanya?

Kekosongan regulasi yang operasional menjadi salah satu faktor terhambatnya layanan pembelajaran untuk anak-anak autis yang memadai. Kolaborasi antara aktor pendidikan dan masyarakat juga kurang.
Calls for help at Chicago’s Cook County jail, where hundreds of inmates and staff have COVID-19, April 9, 2020. Kamil Krzaczynski/AFP via Getty Images

Prisons and jails are coronavirus epicenters – but they were once designed to prevent disease outbreaks

In the 1790s, penal reformers rebuilt America’s squalid jails as airy, hygienic places meant to keep residents – and by extension society – healthy. Now they’re hotbeds of COVID-19. What went wrong?
What kind of ratings works best? Pixel Embargo/

Rating news sources can help limit the spread of misinformation

People think they’re good at detecting disinformation, but most people actually aren’t. A group of researchers searches for the best way to help users steer clear of online deception campaigns.


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