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The University of London is the UK’s leading provider of digital and blended distance education internationally, established by Royal Charter in 1836 and now offering programmes to 45,000 students in 190 countries around the world. Although proudly rooted in London, our community and impact are global. It is a national leader in the humanities, promoting their value to society and the economy through knowledge creation and exchange, through the research institutes within the School of Advanced Study – a national centre for the promotion and facilitation of research in the humanities. As early as 1921, the Institute of Historical Research was formed as a laboratory of ideas in the study of history, and today the Institute of Philosophy’s Centre for the Study of the Senses pioneers significant lab-based collaborations between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists. Our research concentrates on the human dimensions to societal challenges. To confront climate change, global mobility, social injustice, human rights, poverty, we will need to understand the human world and to appreciate the critical importance of cultures, languages and identities to the contemporary world. This is at the heart of our research.

The University of London is also a federation of 17 esteemed higher education institutions, with collaboration at the heart of our ethos. The University of London federation is a collective community of more than 240,000 learners and 50,000 staff, delivering world-leading research across all disciplines. Our passion for increasing access to education and mobilising the collective power and expertise of the federation is central to our ability to transform lives around the world and address the global challenges of the future.


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Round and round, every four years. Andrew Milligan/PA

Let the games begin, but what’s the point of the Commonwealth?

On July 23 the Queen will open the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. In the process, she will no doubt also fire the starting pistol on the latest round of a favourite British pastime: worrying about…
Sandro Botticelli, Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius, c. 1500. © The National Gallery, London

National Gallery bid to set stage doesn’t quite build full picture

A painting is often like theatre. There are actors, who give expression to a narrative. They are distributed across a stage floor and positioned against a scenic backdrop. The artist is both the stage…
Christ and the Centurion, Paolo Veronese, c. 1570. © Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado (P00492)

First major exhibition of Veronese in the UK dazzles

A review of the National Gallery’s latest exhibition, Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice can be short. Why? There’s no umming and ahhing here, it simply must be seen. This is the first ever exhibition…
Jolly good. Now, about that small matter… Paul Rogers/PA Wire

Explainer: what political clout does Prince Charles have?

A matter concerning Prince Charles, letters written to government ministers and a bid by the Guardian to make them public has been playing out in British courts and the media for the past few years. It…
Ugo da Carpi, after Raphael The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, c. 1523-27. Royal Academy of Arts

Renaissance colour prints at the Royal Academy are unmissable

In 1939, Anton Reichel introduced the early history of printed colour to the English-speaking world in Chiaroscurists of the XVI-XVII-XVIII Centuries, a reduced adaptation of his book Die Clair-obscur-schnitte…
Financial accountability? Transparency? Why look, there’s a plane… Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Does the royal family deliver good value for money?

Royal finances have come under close scrutiny in recent days after the Public Accounts Committee told the royal household it must earn more and spend less – a bit like the rest of the country in an era…
Who you think you’re kidding, Mr Gove? PA / Martin Keene

German historians have little time for Gove’s Blackadder jibes

Michael Gove must be off his head. In Germany any politician who tried giving professionals a history lecture would be considered a lunatic. German historians love to argue among themselves, and there…
Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa. Alexander Nikiforov

Time for Britain to rethink its place in the Commonwealth

It is difficult to do justice to the mood of despair that has been haunting the corridors of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s headquarters in Marlborough House in recent months. The decision to hold the…
BFFs no more: Queen Elizabeth and former Gambian High Commissioner Tamsir Jallow in 2006. Steve Parsons/PA

Commonwealth faces new crises but the end is not nigh

All is not well with the Commonwealth of Nations. Gambia’s announcement last week that it has withdrawn from the association was followed hard by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying he would…


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