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University of Memphis

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee, the UofM is a major research institution. What you learn here builds a sense of intellectual engagement that will empower you to make a difference in life and throughout your career. Founded in 1912, we welcome more than 21,000 students to campus every year. Diversity is one of our strengths. Students and faculty come from all over the world to be a part of the UofM experience. The campus boasts 25 Chairs of Excellence and five state-approved Centers of Excellence.


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Crianças sentadas perto de suas casas no campo de refugiados palestinos de al-Shati, na região central da Faixa de Gaza, em 20 de junho de 2020. Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Bombardeio em Gaza aumenta as gerações de palestinos deslocados de suas casas

Um acadêmico que estuda os refugiados palestinos há 20 anos explica a história de seu deslocamento e os riscos envolvidos para aqueles que vivem em um exílio indefinido.
Residents of Accra were given financial aid during the pandemic. Wikimedia Commons/Flickr

Accra’s most vulnerable residents were failed during COVID - the government didn’t understand their realities

COVID-19-related support only reduced the negative impact of the pandemic on financial capital, and not on the other forms of capital
Market fires cause significant upheavals in the heavily informal Ghanaian economy. Wikimedia Commons

Accra’s market fires are devastating to informal traders - but they don’t trust or understand what they’re being told about managing risk

Fire risk communication strategies must not only be supported by formal institutions such as government agencies but also be rooted in and sensitive to each market’s socio-cultural dynamics.


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