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Zawadi Juluis Saidi had reconstructive surgery on her cleft lip at a Dar es Salaam hospital. African children face huge barriers to surgery. Reuters/Sala Lewis

How partnerships are helping cleft lip and palate surgeries in Kenya

Fixing facial birth defects helps a child’s optimal growth. But collaboration is needed if developing countries are to increase access to reconstructive surgery.
A Zimbabwean man harvests maize from a field outside Harare. Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo

Why reducing post-harvest losses is a priority for Africa

The Food and Agriculture organisation estimates that 30 to 40% of total food production is lost before it reaches the market. The losses in Africa are greater and sustainable strategies are needed.
National Super Alliance supporters demonstrating for the sacking of election officials involved in August’s cancelled presidential vote. Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

How Kenya’s political leaders are adding to the prolonged election crisis

Despite avenues for legal redress, the solution to Kenya’s constitutional crisis is political. The leadership on both sides of the political divide must reach an agreement for the sake of the nation.
Kenyan policemen in Kibera. The media stands accused of refusing to cover post-election tensions comprehensively. Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Media handling of Kenya’s election protests calls for some soul-searching

Kenya’s press has admitted to self-censorship after the August 8th poll to avoid a repeat of 2008’s post-election violence. But by refusing to inform the public has the media lost credibility?
Kenyan papers the day after the polls closed. EPA/Daniel Irungu

How the media covered Kenya’s general election

Kenya has just gone through a charged campaign period, followed by a contested election result. The media has been out in force covering it all. But did they do a good job?


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