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University of Salford

Salford is an ambitious university at the heart of a fast-developing community. Its expertise is helping to transform individuals and communities through teaching, research, innovation and engagement. Salford is at the forefront of this transformation, leading the way in areas such as health, energy, media and the built environment. 20,000 students contribute enormously to the local economy and the courses they study on are designed with employment in mind, helping them and the economy obtain real-world skills.


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Ramsayia reconstruction (r) next to a modern wombat. Eleanor Pease

For the first time ever, we have a complete skull description of a true fossil giant wombat

80,000 years ago, Australia’s landscape was dominated by much larger versions of today’s marsupials – including enigmatic and enormous wombats.
The growth plan will require thousands more workers on universal credit to search for more work or face sanctions. 1000 Words/Shutterstock

Universal credit changes: increasing pressure on part-time workers is the wrong move at the worst time

Requiring low-paid, part-time workers to increase their hours or take on multiple jobs can have adverse physical and mental health impacts.
Giorgia Meloni, ici en meeting à Milan le 11 septembre 2022, est la grande favorite au poste de première ministre. Piero Cruciatti/AFP

En Italie, la victoire annoncée de l’extrême droite

Alors que l'opposition a pratiquement abandonné, un parti issu du fascisme de l'après-guerre est sur le point de former un gouvernement.


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