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Wageningen University

Wageningen University is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. They do so by working closely together with governments and the business community.


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Uso de tecnologias de geoengenharia para interferir na quantidade de radiação solar que atinge a Terra, e assim tentar combater o aquecimento global, foi objeto de recentes discussões na ONU, mas consequências são imprevisíveis Shutterstock

Esfriar a Terra refletindo a luz do Sol não é uma ideia tão brilhante assim, mas uma distração perigosa

Uma recente reunião na ONU analisou moção sobre um conjunto de tecnologias de geoengenharia de interfrência na radiação solar, mas não foi possível chegar a um consenso sobre o tópico polêmico
A brown bear in a Siberian boreal forest. Logan Berner

The world’s boreal forests may be shrinking as climate change pushes them northward

How will Earth’s vast boreal forests look in a warmer world? Combining satellite-based research with fieldwork shows that the planet’s largest wilderness may be changing in unexpected ways.
Deux hommes sur la plage à Lagos, au Nigeria, en février 2023. Michele Spatari / AFP

Montée des eaux et affaissement des sols, une double menace pour les régions côtières du golfe de Guinée ?

Combiné à la montée du niveau de la mer, ce phénomène qu’on appelle subsidence peut avoir des conséquences dramatiques mais reste trop peu étudié dans la région.
COP27 has given countries and organizations yet another chance to push for a managed decline in fossil fuel production. A climate action banner hangs from the Tower bridge in London in April 2022. (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali)

COP27: Which countries will push to end fossil fuel production? And which won’t?

A managed fossil fuel phasing-out offers a chance for producers – including governments, corporations and unions – to negotiate the terms of a ‘just transition’ to renewable energy.
The potential role of beavers in safeguarding against climate change risks has become an interesting point of discussion. RudiErnst/Shutterstock

Beavers can do wonders for nature – but we should be realistic about these benefits extending to people

The role of beavers in safeguarding against our heating climate has become an interesting point of discussion. But just how important remains subject to debate.
Workers harvesting crops in a Dutch East Indies’ plantation. Leiden University Library/Wikimedia

Mapping inequality in Dutch colonial-era Indonesia

Economic inequality during the Dutch East Indies era varied radically, depending on where you look. What made the income distribution different from one region to another?


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