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Wageningen University

Wageningen University is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’. They do so by working closely together with governments and the business community.


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Ali Asair, a young farmer in Somalia, left his family behind and traveled hundreds of kilometres in search of pasture for his animals. Dai Kurokawa/EPA

Climate migration: what the research shows is very different from the alarmist headlines

Climate migrants still tend to move to places they know or have connections to through their social networks.
Sampah plastik sungai merupakan ilmu baru tapi penting untuk mencegah aliran sampah ke lautan. Mast Irham/EPA

Riset: Ciliwung termasuk sungai terkotor di dunia

Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa total sampah plastik di Jakarta mencapai 2,1 juta kilogran atau setara dengan 1.000 mobil Tesla Model S.
Farmed fish like these carp now make an important contribution to global food security. Ben Belton

Let them eat carp: Fish farms are helping to fight hunger

Many critics say that fish farms mainly sell their output to wealthy countries and don't provide much benefit to poor people in producing countries. Three aquaculture experts show why this view is wrong.
Soil has many secrets: technology can help reveal its mysteries. Martin Bridgen

Open soil science: technology is helping us discover the mysteries under our feet

Mapping the soil with open source application is vital to understanding how to protect it.
Remote mountain regions like the Upper Mustang in Nepal are often neglected by the rest of the world. Timothy Karpouzoglou

Harnessing the hidden power of mountains to meet our climate and development goals

Remote mountain regions are closer to the climate problem than we think, particularly in the context of safeguarding essential ecosystem services such as safe and adequate water.
Un goût que nous pourrions bientôt oublier. Chris Richmond

Les bananes vont-elles disparaître ?

Toutes les bananes que nous consommons sont issues de la même monoculture, ce qui expose le fruit à de graves épidémies. Mais heureusement, la génétique a plus d’un tour dans son sac.
Violence to protect rhinos in southern Africa’s peace parks is the complete opposite to what the parks were envisaged to stand for. Shutterstock

Why southern Africa’s peace parks are sliding into war parks

There are very violent confrontations in southern Africa's peace parks. This is partly due to a violent history dating back to the apartheid era that has never been adequately addressed.


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