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Biomedical research relies on large amounts of genomic data, which has to be protected from revealing people’s identities. AP Photo/Jerome Delay

The best way to protect personal biomedical data from hackers could be to treat the problem like a game

Keeping biomedical data private is important, but so is sharing it for research. Game theory can help researchers accomplish both.
Amid strong political pressure to pack the Supreme Court, President Biden formed a commission to study ways to reform the court. Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

Biden’s Supreme Court commission probably won’t sway public opinion

Presidents form commissions to study controversial problems and recommend solutions. President Biden created one while under pressure to pack the Supreme Court. Will a commission help him politically?
Debbie Frier, infirmière diplômée, injecte à Leah Sawatsky, infirmière des urgences, à droite, le vaccin Pfizer-BioNTech contre la COVID-19 au Regina General Hospital de Regina, le 15 décembre 2020. La Presse Canadienne/Michael Bell

La statistique de l’année : 332

Le vaccin contre la Covid-19 a été mis au point en un temps record. Seulement 332 jours se sont écoulés entre le séquençage du génome du virus et l’administration des premiers vaccins. Du jamais vu.
On Dec. 8, 2020, the first members of the public were given doses of a coronavirus vaccine. AP Photo/Frank Augstein, Pool

International Statistic of the Year: Race for a COVID-19 vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine was developed faster than any vaccine in history. It took just 332 days from the first sequencing of the virus genome to the first vaccines given to the public.
The J.W. Westcott II is the country’s only floating ZIP code. cactuspinecone/flickr

A dismantled post office destroys more than mail service

Can you find a FedEx store that mimics the design creativity and quality of early US post offices? What are we left with when the best parts of public life are treated like for-profit entities?


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