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Wesleyan University is known for the excellence of its academic and co-curricular programs. About 2,900 undergraduates—and some 200 graduate students—from around the world pursue their classroom studies, research projects, and co-curricular interests in ways that are demanding and intensely rewarding. Here, on a beautiful campus overlooking the Connecticut River, students learn to do productive and innovative work that makes a positive difference in the world—that’s what Wesleyan is about.






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The remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer captures images of a newly discovered hydrothermal vent field in the western Pacific. NOAA

Curious Kids: How deep is the ocean?

In some places, the ocean is almost 7 miles deep. Scientists exploring the ocean floor have found strange sea creatures, bizarre geologic formations and records of Earth's history.
The New IRA apologized for killing investigative journalist Lyra McKee during a riot in Derry. Reuters/Charles McQuillan

Why do rebel groups apologize?

Organizations try to hide mistakes and evade responsibility, studies show. But two scholars analyzing militant and terrorist groups say they are willing to acknowledge their mistakes – sometimes.
Hujan meteor Geminid dilihat dari bawah, pada sebuah malam di bulan Desember di Virginia. Genevieve de Messieres/Shutterstock.com

Ilmuwan Amerika bikin meteorit di laboratorium untuk jelaskan kelahiran Tata Surya

Setiap harinya, sekitar 50 ton bebatuan dari ruang angkasa jatuh ke Bumi. Sebuah pengujian terhadap meteorit-meteorit ini menginspirasi sebuah teori baru mengenai bagaimana bebatuan ini terbentuk.
The Constitution is interpreted differently by the alt-right. Shutterstock/Joseph Sohm

How the alt-right corrupts the Constitution

The growing number of self-taught, right-wing experts on the Constitution believe not only in the rights of white people, but have a comprehensive – if not comprehensible – view of the Constitution.
El buque de perforación científica JOIDES Resolution llega a Honolulu después de una exitosa campaña. IODP / William Crawford c

Lo que hemos aprendido tras perforar el fondo del mar desde hace medio siglo

El suelo oceánico contiene información única sobre la historia de la Tierra. Las perforaciones científicas en los océanos, que comenzaron hace 50 años, han permitido comprender mejor el cambio climático, los riesgos geológicos y las condiciones clave para la vida.
The scientific drilling ship JOIDES Resolution arrives in Honolulu after successful sea trials and testing of scientific and drilling equipment. IODP

Scientists have been drilling into the ocean floor for 50 years – here’s what they’ve found so far

The ocean floor holds unique information about Earth's history. Scientific ocean drilling, which started 50 years ago, has yielded insights into climate change, geohazards and the key conditions for life.

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