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Competition enables twins like Brad and Chris Scott to forge separate identities.

How twins like the Scott brothers distinguish themselves in battle

Competition between twins hit the headlines this week as, for the first time in AFL history, identical twins Brad and Chris Scott will coach different teams against each other on Saturday. Both twins played…
The same teams alway get the good games, such as Anzac Day. AAP

Busting the AFL blockbuster cartel

The Anzac Day clash between Essendon and Collingwood has come and gone yet again, as well as the inevitable publicity surrounding the most hyped home-and-away match of the season. You could be forgiven…
Brisbane Lions’ Jonathan Brown sustains a head injury against Fremantle. AAP

Should helmets be used in AFL?

The intense public interest in protective headgear following recent cases of high-profile AFL players sustaining concussion and other head or face injuries, is understandable. Unfortunately we have limited…

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