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The legal implications of changes to the carbon price mechanism are subtle, but important. Pawel Loj

The legal implications of changing the carbon pricing mechanism

Earlier this week the federal Government announced important changes to the carbon pricing mechanism (CPM). The political and economic consequences have been much discussed, but the less-talked-of legal…
What will removing the price floor and linking to the EU carbon market mean for Australia’s carbon price? AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Carbon price floor axed, but EU market links a good substitute

You might have thought Australia’s carbon pricing scheme was done and dusted – at least until the next government comes in. Today’s announcement about the price floor and international permit trading proves…
A trading coalition would help Indonesia meet its emissions-reduction targets. World Resources

Building carbon markets with our nearest neighbours

International carbon markets are on the nose in some quarters. From some on the left they are seen as a cheap way to absolve polluters’ sins without having a real impact on reducing emissions. From some…
What role will Australia play in a network of individual carbon markets? fdecomite

International carbon markets: what are the implications for Australia?

Anyone observing the climate change debate from Australia might think the world is moving away from carbon trading schemes. That would be understandable, but wrong. International carbon markets exist…

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