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Advert for a universal basic income (UBI) scheme in New York, May 2016. Such schemes could offer significant benefits for recipients’ mental health. Generation Grundeinkommen via Wikimedia

How to solve our mental health crisis

Investing in people’s future mental health, based on the key socioeconomic factors underlying it, is the only way to address this rising problem.
People shout slogans during a protest in Jakarta against plans to evict 7,500 residents from Rempang island to make way for a Chinese-owned glass factory as part of an ‘Ecocity’ development. EPA-EFE/MAST IRHAM

Victims of the green energy boom? The Indonesians facing eviction over a China-backed plan to turn their island into a solar panel ‘ecocity’

The international quest for green energy is reliant on ‘sacrificial zones’ in developing countries.
Scotland’s CAVForth self-driving bus service began in May 2023, serving a 14-mile route that crosses the Forth Road Bridge on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Self-driving buses that go wherever you want? How the UK is trying to revolutionise public transport

Amid bus route cuts and rail strikes, can the answer to our future public transport needs be found in the hi-tech prototypes being trialled around the UK?

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