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Andrea Mantegna, Minerva (Athena) expelling Vices from the Garden of Virtue, from the Studiolo of Isabella d'Este, Palazzo Ducale, Mantua (c. 1499–1502). Louvre Museum/Wikimedia Commons

Influence, authority and power: how elite women played a crucial role in the Italian Wars of the 16th century

Women’s participation in warfare is not a recent phenomenon. Women played many roles in the Italian Wars, which engulfed Europe between 1494 and 1559.
The body of socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti is discovered on the outskirts of Rome on August 16 1924, two months after his disappearance. Archivio GBB/Alamy

The murder of Giacomo Matteotti – reinvestigating Italy’s most infamous cold case

One hundred years after the Italian opposition leader’s murder, documents long locked away at the London School of Economics could shed new light on Mussolini’s involvement in his death
The Vesuvius Challenge incentivizes technological development by inviting researchers to figure out how to ‘read’ ancient papyri excavated from volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Columns of Greek text retrieved from a portion of a scroll. (Vesuvius Challenge)

Ancient scrolls are being ‘read’ by machine learning – with human knowledge to detect language and make sense of them

However exciting the technological developments may be, the task of reading and analyzing the Greek and Latin texts recovered from the papyri will fall to human beings.
An illustration from Christine de Pizan’s ‘The Book of the City of Ladies.’ Fine Art Images/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Centuries after Christine de Pizan wrote a book railing against misogyny, Taylor Swift is building her own ‘City of Ladies’

By compiling stories about the accomplishments of women, Christine set out to build an allegorical city where women and their achievements would be safe from sexist insults and slander.

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