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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak talks to journalists on his plane as he travels from Northern Ireland to Birmingham in May 2024 during a day of campaigning for the British election on July 4. (HENRY NICHOLLS/Pool photo via AP)

Our reliable election forecast model predicts British Conservatives will lose big

The “PM and the Pendulum” model has been successfully forecasting British elections since 2005. This year’s predictions suggest UK Conservatives are in for a major drubbing on July 4.
President Ronald Reagan, shown here speaking in Moscow in 1980, was an early adopter of neoliberalism in the U.S. Dirck Halstead/Liaison

What is neoliberalism? A political scientist explains the use and evolution of the term

The word ‘neoliberal’ gets thrown around a lot, often with differing and even contradictory meanings. Here, a political economist explains the origins and evolution of this complex concept.

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