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The Tempest’s Caliban was said to voice the fury and distress of the people forced from the Fenlands which were being drained and enclosed. Lebrecht Music & Arts / Alamy

Shakespeare’s environmentalism: how his plays explore the same ecological issues we face today

Worrying environmental issues dominated the time of William Shakespeare as they do now, from depleted fish stocks and food shortages, to overpopulation and animal exploitation.
A calf-bound 1623 copy of the First Folio edition of William Shakespeare’s plays. Matt Dunham/AP

‘Reade him, therefore; and againe, and againe’. It’s the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s First Folio, a monumental project put together by his friends

In the First Folio, 18 of Shakespeare’s plays were published for the first time. With its appeals to patronage and commerce, and praise of his wit, this iconic book preserved the playwright’s genius.
Still from Frank Capra’s ‘It Happened One Night’ (1934). FilmAffinity

What we mean when we talk about romantic comedies

Predictions of the death of romantic comedy have been repeated over time. But it has been with us since before Shakespeare and is still very much alive and in constant transformation.

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