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Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios used an on-court sexual insult against an opponent in a recent match. Reuters/USA Today Sports

Playing the woman: Healy and Kyrgios expose sport’s sexism problem

If a misogynistic atmosphere is allowed to prevail in men’s individual and team sports, then all the platitudes about sport being a socially positive force stand exposed.
The AFL does best in attracting young women to games and then maintaining their loyalty in later years. AAP/David Mariuz

Female fans are AFL’s secret weapon in drawing crowds

The AFL draws the biggest crowds in the country and its growth has been driven by female fans being drawn to the game and sticking with it as they get older.
A convicted rapist is no role model for this young fan. Darren Staples/Reuters

Time to stop playing nice about misogyny in sports

The persistence of violence against women across the globe is well documented, but what part do sports play in gendered aggression? It seems shocking to claim that sports and violence against women are…
What if a new competitive sport came along where physiological differences were virtually irrelevant to contest outcomes? goInternationalgroup/Flickr

Gender segregation in e-sports is indefensible – and yet …

You likely couldn’t outswim Alicia Coutts or Ian Thorpe, or lift half of what Damon Kelly or Seen Lee can, but I bet you could beat them at a videogame. Welcome to e-sports, the future of competitions…
Despite the increasing prominence of women’s sport, the number of women in leadership positions in professional sport is still low. Why? AAP/Joe Castro

What’s holding back women from leadership roles in Australian sport?

Recently, it was reported that the AFL, the Australian Sports Commission and the Richmond Football Club have jointly funded research to “investigate the real and perceived blocks to women reaching the…
Torah Bright is one of many Australian women competing in the Winter Olympics and challenging perceptions about women in sport. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Australian women show the way to equality at the Winter Olympics

The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games were declared the “women’s games” – with female participation in all sports and every nation represented by at least one female athlete. Although the Sochi 2014 Winter…
Despite recent appointments of women to sporting leadership positions, comments from FIFA president Sepp Blatter show there is still a long way to go for true equality. EPA/Walter Bieri

FIFA and the NRL kick goals, but is it ‘game over’ for female leaders in sport?

The recent appointments of Moya Dodd to FIFA’s Executive Committee and Raelene Castle as CEO of NRL club Canterbury Bulldogs mark significant milestones for women’s presence in sport leadership. For the…

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