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A screen shot of the web page dedicated to DrinkWise’s How to Drink Properly ad campaign.

DrinkWise’s cynical campaign shouldn’t fool anyone

Alcohol industry-funded organisation DrinkWise has released a new advertising campaign titled Drinking – Do it properly that will supposedly reduce the harmful effects of binge drinking among young Australians…
There’s a fine balance between the needs of social advertisers to create messages that will grab attention and public standards . Martin Kenny

Drawing the line on fear: balance in advertising standards

Advertisers responsible for getting important messages through to a population swamped with advice and warnings suffer from understandable frustration. So, what does it take to make people take notice…
The Advertising Standards Bureau has ruled that comments and photos on the Facebook pages of VB and Smirnoff have breached the industry’s code of ethics. louisa_catlover

Ruling on alcohol brands’ Facebook sites will shake up social media marketing

Recently, the advertising regulator has made what have been called “landmark decisions” relating to the use of Facebook by two prominent alcohol brands. Two weeks ago, the Advertising Standards Bureau…
A recent decision by Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau around comments left on Smirnoff’s Facebook page comes as companies re-evaluate its value. Flickr/Owen W.Brown

Smirnoff and Facebook - Not the perfect mix?

Imagine a world in which advertising companies were held directly accountable for the vision of the world their ads portrayed. Accountability could range from simple things like why deodorants don’t immediately…

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