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Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada had to undergo an unannounced doping test hours before performing. Ivan Sekretarev/AP

A drug-free Olympics could be Sochi’s antidote to a bad image

Since anti-doping tests were introduced at the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics there have only been 20 positive drug tests in Winter Olympic competition. Compared to the Summer Olympics, which has more athletes…
The former 100m world record holder tested positive for a banned stimulant last June. Matt Slocum/AP

Asafa Powell may be guilty of doping but he’s also a victim

As Asafa Powell faces the Jamaica Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, we already know his defence – that he was given a supplement called Epiphany D1 by his former physiotherapist, Chris Xuereb, without his…
Anti-doping is about protecting the integrity of sport, but what about the people? ĐāżŦ {mostly absent}

AFL, NRL – it’s time to move on from anti-doping

With the AFL and NRL “doping scandals” grinding on it seems there’s no end in sight to this saga. But there should be – and soon. Anti-doping will never work and should be replaced with a different approach…
Essendon captain Jobe Watson was at the centre of the latest drugs-in-sport scandal this week after admitting he took a banned substance. AAP

New anti-doping powers won’t fix culture of drugs in sport

It’s been more than four months since Australia’s “blackest day” in elite sport, with allegations of widespread misuse of drugs and other substances. After several years of high-profile cases of drugs-in-sport…
Confessed doper Matt White (second from right) has been reinstated as sports director of cycling ‘clean team’ Orica-GreenEdge. But is this a conflict of interest? AAP

Can ex-doper Matt White lead a clean pro-cycling team?

The official reinstatement of confessed doper Matt White as sports director of Australian World Tour pro-cycling team Orica-GreenEdge passed with surprisingly little media or public scrutiny last week…
There may be “health risks” associated with GW501516, but what are they? Hannibal/EPA

Anti-doping agency warns cheats on the health risks of Endurobol

This article was updated on April 12, 2013, and includes responses from WADA and GSK. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has taken the unusual step of warning athletes about the health risks of the banned…
Myths surround the use of polygraph machines. Lie detector photo from Shutterstock.

Lie detectors and anti-doping – who’s kidding who?

Please, sit down. Try not to sweat. Just relax. Now, answer honestly: could lie detectors succeed where current anti-doping measures in sport are failing? If you answered “yes” you are not alone. There…
Is our current form of hyper-competitive sport transgressive of fair play? Art-Of-2

We’re getting tougher on doping cheats – but why?

What’s the point of anti-doping? And what’s the point of sport in the early 21st century? Is the current system of anti-doping good for our kids, our athletes and is it good for sport? Is it even good…
Since claims of systematic doping in Australian sport emerged last week, the role of sports scientists has been called into question. marc falardeau

Tarred with the same brush: what do sports scientists do?

Sports scientists have taken something of a media beating over the past week following revelations of alleged widespread illegal doping across Australian professional sporting codes. While this may be…
In light of relevations into doping in Australian sport, should more be done to protect and inform professional athletes? Phil Roeder

We need an advocate against ASADA’s power in doping control

Should an athlete advocacy organisation be established to help athletes navigate the minefield of banned and permitted substances in sport? We believe it should be. Last week’s report by the Australian…
Irrespective of his response to questions from Oprah, Lance Armstrong’s previous evasions about drug use indicate a faulty moral compass.

Lance Armstrong’s wrong turn at the moral and legal crossroads

If Lance Armstrong admits today to using performance-enhancing drugs during his career as a professional cyclist, his evasive response to the US Anti-Doping Agency’s allegations has to suggest at the very…
Lance Armstrong should reveal the dirty business of being a professional athlete. EPA/Elizabeth Kreutz

The whole truth and nothing but: what I want from Lance Armstrong

What I want from Lance Armstrong is the unabridged and brutal truth. It’s very simple. I want to know why he doped. Unlike other commentators, I am hoping Armstrong avoids mea culpa and throwing himself…

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