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Still a few kinks to be worked out. Cory Doctorow

Will next-generation wearable sensors make us healthier?

We can already track plenty of body data, but to really make a difference, wearables need to consistently collect clinically valuable information that can be used to improve health.
Blow a few grand on a gold watch, and you can help sustain tech firm profits. Apple

Technology firms need new strategies as the purpose of devices changes

The profits generated by some technology firms are awe-inspiring, serving as beacons for those at less fortunate enterprises. Devices have accounted for a large part of that success, particularly smartphones…
When digital device users connect to cloud storage or developers’ data archives, they lose control of their data. LZF/Shutterstock

Wearer be warned: your fitness data may be sold or used against you

People interested in tracking their health, physical activity levels and body functions can now choose from a plethora of sensor-embedded digital gadgets to monitor and measure their bodies. But the big…
You could soon say goodbye to credit cards and cash – no need to burn them, though. ~lauren/Flickr

Apple Pay heralds a new, safe era of cashless convenience

Mobile payment systems have been around for years without gaining much traction, but this might be about to change with the release of the iPhone 6’s Apple Pay. This latest iPhone uses near field communication…

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