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But who will audit the auditors?

Big auditors must be made accountable to the public

What should we do with producers who routinely deliver faulty goods and services? Producers of cars, food, medicines, aeroplanes and even financial products are forced to compensate injured parties, recall…
The audit profession has been blamed for contributing to major corporate collapses, the global financial crisis and most recently, the Greek debt crisis. AAP

Europe considers tighter audit reins, but Australian experience indicates need to be wary

The audit profession has received consistently bad press in recent years. Audit independence, or rather the lack of it, has been blamed as a contributing factor in some of the major corporate collapses…
People naturally develop relationships, so is it possible to eliminate bias in professional settings? gonzalo_ar

Accountants are humans too – the problem of ‘attachment bias’

Media commentators, regulators, and the judiciary continually express their concerns over the independence of auditors and other accounting professionals when they prepare expert reports. Typically, this…

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