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The view of Barangaroo from Millers Point, still a leafy suburb on the edge of the development. Dallas Rogers

‘Let it rip’: Barangaroo, a masterclass in planning as deal-making

A bid to amend plans for the final stage of the Barangaroo project would once again favour developers’ interests over the public interest. It shows how badly the planning process has been undermined.
Barangaroo is a development on Sydney Harbour with strong green credentials, but it’s overwhelmingly the well-off who enjoy the benefits. Brendan Esposito/AAP

Making developments green doesn’t help with inequality

Barangaroo is an example of a development with admirable green credentials, but it is also an exclusive precinct that has played a role in displacing the disadvantaged from this part of Sydney.
Sydney Harbour is arguably the city’s only truly great public space. flickr/Duncan Hull

Utzon Lecture: Re-imagining the Harbour City

Under pressure to be a global city, market-led infrastructure provision is shifting the focus from public to private interests, from government as promoter to government as client, with mixed results.
Casino staff at the new Crown Sydney Hotel Resort in Barangaroo will be forced to breathe secondhand cigarette smoke. Thomas Hawk

Barangaroo smoking exemption gambles with worker health

In November 2019, James Packer’s Crown Resorts VIP exclusive gambling and hotel complex will open at Barangaroo on the Sydney foreshore. In a disappointing development, the New South Wales government has…
Singapore’s Marina Bay is viewed as a role model for casino precincts. Slack12/Flickr

Casino precincts and tourism: gambling our way to prosperity?

Last month Queensland Premier Campbell Newman called for expressions of interest to develop a major integrated resort casino precinct within the Brisbane CBD. The vision is for a new casino surrounded…
Despite stated intentions otherwise, are poker machines at James Packer’s planned second Sydney casino at Barangaroo inevitable? AAP/Dean Lewins

Packer’s Barangaroo Casino and the inevitability of pokies

When is a casino not a casino? According to NSW premier Barry O’Farrell, who last week approved James Packer’s Crown Limited bid to establish Sydney’s second casino, a casino isn’t a casino without pokies…
Governments, at all levels, have either increasingly sold out to narrow vested interests, or sought ways to minimise transparency, accountability and responsibility. Flickr/Restricteddata

‘Not seen by the Minister’: how lack of probity clouds our democracy

Our democracy depends on accountability and transparency: but are Australians being shortchanged on both? In our fifth and final piece in our Barangaroo series, John Hewson, Honorary fellow at the Crawford…
Overshadowed by private interests: Barangaroo’s current design essentially privatises the shoreline. AAP/Supplied

Barangaroo: Development interests counter the public interest

In 2006, Philip Thalis was part of the team which won an international design competition to revitalise Barangaroo. Three years later, the government abandoned their approved plan, opting instead for a…
Casinos have the capacity to drive economic benefits - but must avoid becoming an enclave with little connection to the surrounding city. AAP

Will a casino be a boon or a bane for Barangaroo?

Barangaroo, on Sydney’s harbour, is no ordinary development. It has been promised that the 22-hectares of former industrial land sitting on the western edge of the CBD will transform Sydney both culturally…
Purely a good idea: James Packers denies that lobbying played a part in him acquiring a second casino licence for Sydney. AAP

Barangaroo: politics, property and players – it’s business as usual

The redevelopment of Sydney’s Barangaroo into a $6 billion waterfront precinct has involved some of Australia’s most influential people - including former Prime Minister Paul Keating and businessman James…
The saga around the redevelopment of Barangaroo on Sydney’s harbour has undermined our belief in the NSW government’s commitment to transparency. AAP supplied image

Barangaroo: the loss of trust?

Welcome to our series on Barangaroo. Sydneysiders know this spot well: 22 hectares of former industrial land sitting on the western edge of the CBD, not far from some of the city’s most coveted landmarks…

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