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Donald Trump has risen to probable nominee status through an extraordinary ability to tap into the deep fears and anxieties of millions of Americans. Reuters/Scott Audette

US presidential race: why the world should be afraid of a Trump presidency

The impact of a Trump presidency is basically unknown. No serious candidate in the post-second world war period has been so unclear in their attitude to foreign policy.
Michael Vadon and Gage/Skidmore

Are ‘extremist’ candidates electable?

Political science has held that being moderate gets a candidate votes in the presidential election. So how then do Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump fit in?
So far, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has refused to endorse a candidate. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Elizabeth Warren is savvy not to endorse Clinton or Sanders

Neither Democratic candidate for president has gotten the endorsement of Massachusetts' junior senator. Here's a look at Elizabeth Warren's long game playbook.
Rod Webber before a Marco Rubio rally in Exeter, New Hampshire. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Did independent voters decide the New Hampshire primary?

NH’s election laws allow people to vote in the primaries even if they are not registered with one of the parties. How pivotal are these unenrolled voters? We look beyond the exit polls for answers.

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