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After nearly a decade of operation, Brisbane’s CityCycle scheme still needs to be subsidised. Ash Kyd/flickr

Here’s what bike-sharing programs need to succeed

Many short-term bike-hiring programs have been launched amid much fanfare, only for their popularity to decline soon after. Several key factors need to be in place for a program to work.
Brisbane cyclists have to keep their helmets on after all, including on bike paths. AAP/Dan Peled

Politics trumps hard-headed reason on bicycle helmets

For a few hours, late last week, it looked like Queensland could become the first Australian state to start relaxing its strict bicycle helmet laws. After months of careful review of the evidence, a state…
“As improvements I’m going to need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.” Stefan Rousseau/PA

A smarter scheme could help more people use Boris bikes

As a London commuter, travelling from my neighbourhood to the city and back every day, I’ve often wondered how I could make better use of the London Cycle Hire Scheme – the “Boris Bikes” parked around…
The UK could be next in line to make cycling helmets mandatory. Tejvan Pettinger

Should the UK embrace mandatory bike helmet laws?

The bare-headed cycling movement has recently stirred from hibernation in the United Kingdom. Freedom to ride with the wind in their hair remains, but perhaps not for very much longer. The British Medical…
Britain’s woeful road infrastructure for cyclists is dragging us down. Tim Ireland/PA

Who put the brakes on cycling in Britain?

Making a city more bicycle-friendly is not simply a matter of painting a few lines and installing parking spaces. It requires cities to work with cyclists as participants in redesigning the city. Ensuring…
Riders who do not wear helmets are more likely to disobey traffic rules or ride with a blood alcohol level above 0.05, the study found.

Crash data shows cyclists with no helmets more likely to ride drunk

Cyclists who ride without helmets are more likely to take risks while riding, like disobeying traffic controls or cycling while drunk, a new study of road accident data has found. The study, conducted…
London bike share has proved more successful than schemes in Australia, but focusing on infrastructure could help improve sharing here. cat1788/Flickr

Fixing Australian bike share goes beyond helmet laws

Bike share programs in Melbourne and Brisbane were much heralded by the governments that installed them. But they’ve proved far less popular than schemes overseas. Is Australian bike share doomed? Since…

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