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Can an infant formula ever really mimic breast milk? Flickr/Tom Carmony

Breast milk-like infant formula stirs debate

A new infant formula that aims to mimic the nutritional value of breast milk is under development at CSIRO, but breastfeeding advocates say research dollars could be better spent supporting women’s attempts…
Hypoallergenic formula milk is no better than cow’s milk in preventing allergies, a study found. Flickr/NerissaRing

Hypoallergenic baby formula does not reduce allergy risk

Hypoallergenic infant formula is no more effective than regular cow’s milk at reducing the risk a baby will develop allergies, a new study has found. Partially hydrolysed whey formulas (pHWFs), which contain…
Donated breast milk is ideal for preterm infants but doesn’t deliver the same benefits for older, healthier babies. WA Health

Banking on breast milk best for sick infants

It is now widely accepted that mothers’ milk is best for babies. Breastfed infants have fewer infections and are likely to have a higher intelligence than those fed artificial formula. But a difficulty…

Breastfed children do better at school

Breastfeeding babies for as little as four weeks has a significant effect on their brain development, which continues until…

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