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The news was taken badly by some bankers. thehutch

New bonus rules may make bankers happier campers

Imagine having to wait seven years before you could be sure that what you were properly paid for your job. If it sounds like a bad deal then maybe it’s time to spare some empathy for bankers at UK financial…
A lucrative immigration problem: international students at the ISC. Jirka Matousek

Immigration rhetoric is a threat to Britain’s long-term growth

Immigration has risen to the top of the political agenda in the UK. And the popular press has been propelling the bandwagon. “We must stop the immigrant invasion” according to the Daily Express and “enough…
China’s industrialisation has followed the same path, but the rules of the game have changed. Jonathan Kos-Read

China’s industrial revolution is happening on a new planet

What can two periods of industrialisation nearly two centuries apart tell us about how economies change and the demands their change place on the planet? Today, China leads the wave of emerging economies…
But I don’t speak Spanish! Wikimedia Commons

After 300 years, more monkey business on Rock of Gibraltar

Once again Britain and Spain have been at loggerheads this week over a 2.6 square mile rock which the former has occupied and the other complained about for 300 years. It would be over-egging things to…
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has extended controversial austerity measures amid a bleak outlook for the British economy. AAP

Is Britain heading for a triple-dip recession?

Middle-income tax increases, corporate tax cuts and below-inflation increases in maternity leave and housing allowances form the centrepiece of British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s Autumn…
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales will help the UK government design a platform where all taxpayer-funded scholarly will be available for free. AAP/Yonhap News Agency

Wiki founder to build open access site for UK research

The British government has enlisted the services of Wikipedia in a push to make all taxpayer-funded academic research from…
Graves of Argentinean servicemen killed by UK forces in the 1982 war. AAP/EPA/Flight Sergeant Andy Carnall

Las Malvinas or Falkland Islands: British or Argentinean?

The first buildings in Las Malvinas – or the Falklands as the British call the islands in the South Atlantic – were houses made of stone and were built by Argentinean hands. It was in 1831 when forty men…
British Prime Minister David Cameron can’t escape domestic politics when it comes to Europe. EPA/Olivier Hoslet

Euroscepticism at home ties Cameron’s hands in Europe

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to veto the new European Union agreement for greater financial stability in the Eurozone reminds us that despite the talk of greater European integration…
A shop in Manchester city centre boarded after being attacked by looters. AAP

The English riots: it wasn’t youth gangs

The recent riots in major English cities like London have seen the media focus on the involvement of young people. In particular, many media outlets have claimed that organised youth gangs have orchestrated…

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