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Teaching children to uphold British values is at the head of parties’ agenda. Boy with Union Jack cap via Funny Solution Studio/

The spectre of ‘British values’ and education policy

The Trojan Horse affair in Birmingham schools last year has left an indelible mark on the education system and the ensuing debate on the need for schools to uphold “British values” has infused parties…
It’s been a tough year for Birmingham’s schools. Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Trojan Horse ‘plot’ exposed a fragmented education system

Any review of 2014 in education must examine a Trojan Horse bearing “British values”. The scandal that broke in April centred on the investigation of 21 Birmingham schools suspected of being involved in…
Nansen Primary School, one of those put in special measures by Ofsted. Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Shadow of extremism scandal lingers as Birmingham goes back to school

If a week is a long time in politics, then the school summer holidays must have seemed like a lifetime the for governors, teachers, pupils and staff at the 21 schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse…

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