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Robbie Farah has called for Twitter trolls to be made accountable for their actions … but he could be in strife himself. AAP/April Fonti

Farah twitter storm shows it’s women who are trolled the worst

Online harassment against two prominent Australian personalities within the last fortnight has ignited fresh calls for the regulation of cyber “trolling”. The recent episodes experienced by television…
The blogosphere is a sewer of frothing, often anonymous, swill. Flickr/joeshoe

Hate mail and cyber trolls: the view from inside public health

The Charlotte Dawson troll saga shocked many Australians, with revelations of vile tweets, death threats and online intimidation. Nobody should have to endure this kind of abuse, but unfortunately it’s…

Six signs your child may become a bully

Researchers in the US have identified six risk factors that help predict the likelihood of a child bullying others. These…
Praising kids all the time might lead to inflated self-esteem and low regard for others. Flickr/ymc_photos

Can excessive parental praise turn good kids into bullies?

When most people picture the typical school bully, they think of a kid who is likely to have been bullied themselves. A child with low self-esteem who is trying to make themselves feel better by picking…
Focussing on health and safety responsibilities is a key development in addressing workplace bullying. AAP

Shining a new light on bullying risk

Workplace bullying is one of the most contentious workplace issues. Against the backdrop of a forthcoming National Code of Practice on preventing workplace bullying, a recent investigation by Worksafe…
Despite reports of increasing false workplace bullying claims, most complaints are genuine. Omar_Gurnah

False workplace bullying claims – we’re not seeing an epidemic

Workplace bullying is one of the most emotive issues in modern business. A recent article in the Weekend Australian Magazine deals with the issue of false claims of workplace bullying and how costly they…

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