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In a speech on Wednesday night, Morrison will insist this bring-forward does not mean the government is panicking about Australia’s economic conditions. Lukas Coch/AAP

Government to inject economic stimulus by accelerating infrastructure spend

Following increasing calls for stimulus to be injected into the economy, the government will outline an infrastructure bring-forward of A$3.8 billion over the next four years.
Business, environmental, trade union and social groups all see advantages in looking beyond high-emission industries such as coal-fired power. Nick Pitsas/CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons

Australia’s ‘climate roundtable’ could unite old foes and end the carbon deadlock

The Australian Climate Roundtable unites business, environmental and social groups in calling for a strong climate policy. This unprecedented show of unity might even break down Canberra’s climate stalemate.
Business Council of Australia President Catherine Livingstone said health approaches should change from “fixing the sick” to staying healthy as long as possible. AAP/Paul Miller

Business chief calls for ‘philosophical’ shift on health, education, retirement

Australia needs new “philosophical underpinnings” for the major spending areas of health, education and retirement income, Business Council of Australia President Catherine Livingstone has said.
With Tony Abbott’s political capital at a new low, he’s shifting the focus from big reforms to small wins. David Crosling/AAP

‘Big’ no longer beautiful for Australia’s reform agenda

As the haze lifts (in the short term at least) on Canberra’s leadership ructions, we can see the extent of the car wreck that is Australia’s economic reform agenda. “Political uncertainty hits business…
Treasurer Joe Hockey plans to reignite the economic reform debate early next year, but will he tackle the bigger-picture changes many economists have called for? AAP Image/Lukas Coch

The economic crisis a complacent Australia has to have

In November 1990, then treasurer Paul Keating announced that Australia was in recession – and that it was “the recession we had to have”. Today, there are growing calls for serious, structural economic…
Business Council of Australia president Catherine Livingstone has called for a radical rethink of how Australia understands its economy. AAP/Dean Lewins

Business lobby urges new government thinking to boost Australia’s competitiveness

The Business Council of Australia has called on government to adopt a sector-based approach to promote growth and innovation, and will ask big companies to second bureaucrats to help close the gap “between…
The National Commission of Audit has an extension of time for its first report, but the issues are complicated. AAP

Just how much can we really expect from the National Commission of Audit?

News that the National Commission of Audit had been granted an extension of time shouldn’t be a surprise given the complexity of issues in the scope of its first phase. The questions it is examining around…
The kind of tax reform being called for by groups such as the Business Council of Australia can only come about if politics and vested interests are put aside.

Meaningful tax reform? Only if everything is on the table

There can be no dispute with last week’s call from the Business Council of Australia for meaningful tax reform. This is a larger issue than both the looming budget and September’s election. However, it…

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