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Evie Macdonald in First Day (2017), which won a prestigious children’s television award earlier this year. Epic Films

Why it’s time to end the policy limbo threatening Australian children’s TV

Amid endless reviews into the future of local screen content, uncertainty reigns on issues such as the impact of Netflix, the fate of local content quotas and funding for original children’s TV.
With Australia’s level of media concentration among the highest in the world, the future of Network Ten is concerning. Paul Miller/AAP

Network Ten’s future is all about media power, not economics

The most pertinent issue is how much power the federal government is prepared to allow any single media proprietor to have.
Australians are increasingly tuning in to traditional broadcast television stations.

Television is not dead, it’s just changing channels

Netflix will launch in Australia and New Zealand in March next year. Expectations are this is just the start of an influx of new streaming options in Australia. The internet and television are increasingly…
The Ten newsroom is already stripped down to minimums - The Project, for all its merits, is still mostly opinion about news. AAP/ Channel Ten

The end is nigh for full service, free-to-air television in Australia

Out the hotel window in Istanbul, the minarets of the Blue Mosque were visible over the roof tops and, on TV, a choice of 600 channels awaited me. Yet, not one of those channels resembled the full service…
Channel Ten is trying to engage its audience through social media – but will it work? Channel Ten

Party Tricks struggles for votes with a social media audience

With Ten’s new drama Party Tricks set for an October 6 premiere, coverage has focused on the social media campaign to promote the show. In advance of the screening, Ten has created in-character accounts…
Wake Up’s Natasha Exelby, James Mathison, Natarsha Belling and Nuala Hafner. AAP Image/Supplied by Network Ten

Can Channel Ten Wake Up from its slumber?

At 6.30am this morning, Channel Ten launched the program that will either resurrect the network’s fortunes or push it further into a coma from which it may never recover. Wake Up, joined by newsreader…
The Channel 9-Cricket Australia broadcast rights dispute drags on, now reaching the courts: could cricket broadcasting icon Richie Benaud soon be lost from our screens? AAP/Dean Lewins

When law, business and media collide, is sport the only loser?

Cricket Australia’s Supreme Court legal action against its host broadcaster of the past 36 years, Channel Nine, is the manifestation of an identifiable pattern. It continues a time-honoured practice in…

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