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Marble statue of Roman Ceres or Greek Demeter. The Romans inherited their idea of human nature from the Greeks. Shutterstock

The long walk from ‘civilised’ and ‘barbaric’ to a new world view

The Greco-Roman society believed that people weren’t born human, they became human. But how can humanity be defined?That’s what the project of decolonising the humanities could be dedicated to.
Floods during warm periods of human history likely inspired the Noah’s Ark myth. Noah's ark image from

Climate and the rise and fall of civilizations: a lesson from the past

2015 will likely be a degree warmer than before people started pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The last time the world was this hot wasn’t great for civilisation.
Empires were built through the art of war. kaptainkobold

Computer simulations reveal war drove the rise of civilisations

According to British historian Arnold Toynbee, “History is just one damned thing after another.” Or is it? That is the question Peter Turchin of the University of Connecticut in Storrs tries to answer…
Climate change may have led to drought and famine-induced conflict in ancient Eastern Mediterranean civilisations, the study found. Verity Cridland

Climate change hastened ancient civilisations’ collapse: study

Climate change sparked the political and economic turmoil that hastened the collapse of formerly prosperous civilisations in regions such as Greece and Syria towards the end of the 13th century BC, a new…

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