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Extinction Rebellion or XR functions like a brand, albeit a non-commercial one. Glenn Hunt/AAP

Extinction Rebellion: how to craft a protest brand

Visual arts and performance have always been central to protest movements - but the unified branding of Extinction Rebellion shows a new approach to activism.
A electric screen showing Shanghai Pudong financial area in a clear day, is seen amid heavy smog in Shanghai. What can art do to make climate change more real? Aly Song

It’s time for a new age of Enlightenment: why climate change needs 60,000 artists to tell its story

Climate change is such a big problem it's almost impossible for us to really understand. We need artists to mobilise on a huge scale to render the problem comprehensible.
In our image saturated world we are becoming inured to the iconography of “natural” disasters. Ed Keith/flicker

The poster is political: how artists are challenging climate change

It is hard for us to visualise the trends and processes of climate change, which are largely hidden. But posters - with their richly subversive history - are the perfect medium for prompting contemplation and action.
Soren Dahlgaard and the Maldives Exodus Caravan Show, Mobile Maldives, 2013. CLIMARTE

Climate science is looking to art to create change

Scientists and policy makers are struggling in some countries to gain the support that will lead to meaningful action on climate change. Could art be the answer?

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