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The price of new-build renewable energy is expected to fall significantly relative to new-build coal energy in coming years. AAP Image/Lucy Hughes Jones

Renewables will be cheaper than coal in the future. Here are the numbers

The price of renewable energy will fall significantly relative to new-build coal in coming decades, making an all-renewable electricity system more desirable, both economically and environmentally.
Coal is the biggest source of electricity. Coal image from

Infographic: The state of coal

From formation to export, the key facts and figures.
While low emissions technology might help coal, there are plenty of other energy sources competing in the post-Paris climate race. Coal image from

After Paris, the future of Australian coal is downhill

Despite its vital role in the development of Australia’s economy, the future of coal looks grim in a world aiming to limit warming to below 2°C.
A tax on coal would increase the price, reducing demand but benefiting exporting countries such as Australia. Coal image from

A coal tax to help the climate and the resource owners

Coal exporting countries could buffer the transition to low carbon economies by taxing coal production or exports.
Coal no more? The rise of renewables and climate action will spell an end to Australia’s coal industry. Coal image from

The long-term future of Australian coal is drying up

Australia’s failure to reassess its commitment to coal will have serious negative consequences, not only for Australia’s economy, but for the health and well being of millions of people and the global environment.
Australia’s official forecasts for expanding fossil fuel exports don’t match up with what’s needed to avoid severe climate change. Jeremy Buckingham/Flickr

Australia’s coal and gas exports are being left stranded

In the last week the US and China announced goals to reduce emissions by 26-28% and cap emissions by 2030 respectively. India also signalled its aim to end coal imports within 2-3 years. These are telling…
Fracking for gas - not a silver bullet for emissions reduction. US Geological Survey/Wikimedia Commons

Natural gas boom is ‘not the answer for cutting emissions’

The boom in natural gas supplies brought about by techniques like fracking will not automatically deliver the anticipated cuts to greenhouse emissions, a new analysis has warned. Burning natural gas produces…
Australian coal needs to find some new customers. Stephen Codrington/Wikimedia Commons

China’s war on pollution could leave Aussie coal out in the cold

China’s recent move to limit imports of the dirtiest coal from 2015 onwards is a scary prospect for Australian miners. The proposed restrictions will ban the burning of coal with high levels of ash or…
The Queensland government is preparing the way for more coal ports, but there are indications coal production and profits are on the way down. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

If coal’s in trouble, why build more coal ports?

If the Abbot Point expansion is approved by the Commonwealth Environment Minister next month, port dredging will go ahead. Private investment in coal ports and rail may no longer stack up, as BHP Billiton…
We need to look at the economic and social cost of our coal. Beyond Coal and Gas

Expanding coal exports is bad news for Australia and the world

In the coming months our new federal government will be promoting a massive expansion in Australia’s coal exports. In all likelihood they’ll hail it as “good For Australia”. It isn’t. Most of us are familiar…
Contrary to rumour, the future of Australia’s coal industry is looking pretty solid. Joost J Bakker IJmuiden

Coal: full steam ahead?

Is coal in trouble in Australia? The Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics recently revealed A$150B-worth of mining and energy projects have been mothballed in the last 12 months. The media is reporting…

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