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Room lights in a hotel form the shape of a heart in Jakarta on April 25 2020. The lights were turned on as a symbol of support, gratitude and love for medical workers on the front line of handling the COVD-19 pandemic. Rifqi Riyanto/INA Photo Agency/Sipa USA/AAP

Coronavirus weekly: leaders should heed experts and inspire the public to fight COVID-19

Democracies such as the United States, Italy and Spain, as well as Indonesia, have so far failed to control the spread of the virus.
A staffer works on a ventilator-refurbishing assembly line at Bloom Energy in Sunnyvale, Calif. Bloom Energy makes hydrogen fuel cells but is now refurbishing old ventilators so hospitals can use them to treat coronavirus patients. (Beth LaBerge/KQED via AP)

Coronavirus weekly: as some countries hope to ease confinement, others are just getting started

Scientists and academics on how the world might change once this is all over, and if a return to ‘normality’ is even possible.
Health care systems around the world are ramping up their response to the spread of COVID-19, like this hospital in Washington state. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Coronavirus weekly: as the virus spreads, economies grind to a halt

Citizens around the world look warily at the rates of illnesses and deaths at home and abroad as the economic effects of COVID-19 start to hit.