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‘For a peseta a drink you can dance all afternoon, even if you wear racket trousers, with a line-up of pretty girls’. Photograph by Contreras y Vilaseca illustrating a news item about dances in the magazine ‘Estampa’ of 31 July 1928. Hemeroteca Digital / BNE

Wild times in Madrid’s roaring 20s: how Spain’s youth partied hard before Franco took away their dance halls

Let’s take a walk around Madrid a hundred years ago and meet the discotheques, pubs and unrestrained dancing of the roaring twenties.
Medieval Christians believed that heaven was a realm filled with dancing. Italian painter Fra Angelico’s ‘Last Judgment’ showing dancing angels. Fra Angelico's Last Judgment/Wikimedia

Why Christianity put away its dancing shoes – only to find them again centuries later

Despite opposition from the early church, dance was an integral part of Christian devotion for many centuries before falling out of favor.
Prisoners are forced to play music as they lead a fellow prisoner to his execution at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Votava/Imagno via Getty Images

How the Nazis used music to celebrate and facilitate murder

Music is supposed to transcend the mundane and horrific. Yet it has also served as an accompaniment to torture and punishment.
Chloe Chignell’s dance piece Deep Shine in the 2016 Keir Choreographic awards. Gregory Lorenzutti

Writing movement: why dance criticism matters

Legendary critic Deborah Jowitt’s visit to Australia for the Keir choreographic awards is focussing attention on the paucity of our dance criticism. Yet informed reviews are vital to the health of an art form.

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