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It’s often sold as the ‘happiest time of year’ – but not in classic Christmas tales. Alice Popkorn

Bah, humbug: the misery of Christmas in classic literature

Most modern Christmas films angle for comedy with a touch of schmaltz, but literary Christmases frequently tap into the anxiety and sadness that can accompany the “happiest time of year”.
The new consumerism of Victorian England was going to change the old ways – for better and for worse. Kevin Dooley

Fowl play: why A Christmas Carol meant our goose was cooked

In much of the English-speaking world Christmas dinner involves the consumption of turkey – but that was not always the case. The origins of this ritual can be traced back to the generous act of one Ebenezer…
Pastoral nostalgia: people fretted about opening-ceremony animals but not the huge out-of-sight slaughter that’s feeding athletes and spectators. AAP/Dean Lewins

Animals — the meat in the Olympic sandwich

The role of animals in the Olympics — both during the opening ceremony and throughout the wider competition — is rightly generating controversy. When it was first announced that non-human animals would…

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