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The Williams Treaties cover over 20,000 square kilometres of lands between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, and along the shore of Lake Ontario up to Lake Simcoe. Fred Marsden, member of Alderville First Nation, seen fishing in the Kawartha Lakes area, date unknown. (Jackson Pind)

Revisiting the Williams Treaties of 1923: Anishinaabeg perspectives after a century

Seven Williams Treaties First Nations continue to call on the provincial government to adequately consult them when making important decisions on their lands in the Greenbelt and beyond.
But what if I lose the remote behind the sofa? Scott

How electric eels use shocks to ‘remote control’ other fish

Electric eels can incapacitate prey by producing a stunning 660-volt zap of electricity, but what’s really shocking is how they use that power. The mechanism of the eel’s attack was a mystery, but an experimental…

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