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A crack in a road near Kathmandu caused by the earthquake. EPA/Hemanta Shrestha

The science behind the Nepal earthquake

The earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday was caused by the same forces that built the Himalayas, and science is helping predict where the next quake might strike.
Dusting off the archives: Griff Pugh at work at altitude. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Meet Griffith Pugh: the Everest pioneer you’ve never heard of

Scientists almost never get to be household names just for doing science. Most who impact the public consciousness, like Brian Cox, Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking, tend to at least combine the science…
Going where thousands have gone before. EPA/Kenji Kondo

Everest tourism is causing a mountain of problems

Everest climbing season is underway. For a few weeks each spring, the weather improves just enough to give climbers a chance of scaling the world’s tallest mountain. As increasing numbers flock to Everest…
A marathon on Mount Everest. Increasing numbers of people scaling the world’s tallest peak are changing the culture among climbers. EPA/Himex

Because it is there: commercialising Mount Everest

On May 15, 2006, a mere 300 metres from the summit of Everest, [David Sharp sat just off the climbing route dying](, starved of oxygen, slowly drowning…

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