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ABC’s The Slap investigates the complex and very personal views of those at the heart of a smacking case. ABC

The legality of ‘The Slap’

In last night’s ABC program, The Slap, an impulsive slap changed everything. A man struck someone else’s child at a barbecue provoking a legal challenge. In real life, that would be an assault, though…
Boys’ voices break later if their fathers are absent during adolescence, according to new research. Flickr/Tom A

Boys with absent fathers more likely to become young dads

Boys who grow up without a dad around are more likely to reach puberty later, but father their own children earlier, according to a new study. Researchers from the London School of Economics used data…
Children of separated parents have higher rates of emotional problems but it doesn’t mean these families are bad for kids.

Separation anxiety? Stop blaming one-parent families for all of society’s ills

The mental health and well-being of Australian children is deteriorating and this is caused by a breakdown of two parent families, according to a report released today by University of Sydney Law Professor…
NRL player Craig Wing has a sister with Down Syndrome. AAP

How come you don’t want one? Living with Down Syndrome

“Fuck you, Wing, your sister has Down syndrome!” These words were once hurled at NSW rugby league star Craig Wing while he was playing for the Sydney Roosters against the Canterbury Bulldogs at the Sydney…
Hypoallergenic formula milk is no better than cow’s milk in preventing allergies, a study found. Flickr/NerissaRing

Hypoallergenic baby formula does not reduce allergy risk

Hypoallergenic infant formula is no more effective than regular cow’s milk at reducing the risk a baby will develop allergies, a new study has found. Partially hydrolysed whey formulas (pHWFs), which contain…
The new carbon footprint calculator factors in a household’s light sources, heating, washing, food consumption patterns, air travel and more, making it one of the most thorough calculators developed yet. Flickr

Greenhouse gas calculator reveals hard carbon truths

One of the most comprehensive greenhouse gas calculators ever was launched today, allowing members of the public to add up the total carbon cost of their their household set-up, food choices and travel…
A study of blue-footed boobies found that while siblings bully each other badly in the nest, the youngsters grow into adults with normal levels of aggression. Flickr

Sibling bullying doesn’t cause lasting wimpiness

Harsh sibling bullying maybe tough to endure as a youngster but victims won’t necessarily grow into cowed and meek adults, a study on birds has found. Mexican researchers studying blue-footed boobies…
Most families with at least one child say they are ‘comfortable’ with their finances at just under $80,000, according to latest figures from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Flickr, Meredith Farkas.

Just under $80,000 a year is enough, say most families

Most families say they would feel comfortable living on an annual household income of just under $80,000 according to new figures from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. However…

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