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Despite criticisms that Julia Gillard has overplayed the gender card, the policies of her government have put in place a framework for true gender equality in the workplace. AAP/Alan Porritt

Gender equality at work: the Labor legacy

I was recently phoned by a journalist and asked to reflect on what the Labor government had done for gender equality. I started to jot down a number of reforms on the back of an envelope and surprised…
Civilians rescue an injured worker after the eight-storey Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on April 24. AAP

Mind the gap: company disclosure discrepancies not sustainable

The recent decision by two Australian retailers to sign an accord protecting suppliers in Bangladesh has highlighted discrepancies in company disclosure of sustainability issues and the need for clearer…
While young women are rising through Australian media ranks, the old glass ceiling remains. Woman reporter image from

Women overtake men in the media, but not in pay or power

Women now outnumber men in the Australian media, but they are typically younger, earn less and have less powerful positions than male colleagues. A new national survey shows women now make up 55.5% of…
While the focus has been on gender discrimination in Islam recently, there is much to be said about widespread discrimination across most organised religions. AAP/Joe Castro

It’s not just Islam – most religions are discriminatory

Yes, Tony Abbott is right. There is something unattractive about a university allowing public meetings at which attendees are segregated by sex. But hang on a moment: is this not the normal arrangement…
Facebook “slut shaming” pages reflect deeper problems with society’s discriminatory attitude towards women. Flickr/Franco Bouly

Facebook misogyny: ‘slut shaming’ or just woman hating?

“Slut shaming” may be the latest cause célèbre to sweep to our shores, but it just looks a lot like old-fashioned misogyny. From the US-based Salon and The Guardian in the UK, to the Canberra Times in…
Changing cultural ideas about women begins with early childhood education. isafmedia

The long road to gender equality in Afghanistan

For most Australians the feeling is the sooner we get out of the Afghanistan war the better. Hopefully without the loss of any further soldiers. While it will be good to get the troops home and the government…

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