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The general idea of personalised learning is where teachers help students understand key concepts through individualised learning and group work. from

Gonski’s vision of ‘personalised learning’ will stifle creativity and lead to a generation of automatons

Many rely on David Gonski’s ideas to shape the future of education policy. But his recommendation of personalised learning is a scripted, rigid version of education that will take us backwards.
In the debate about Catholic school funding, it needs to be recognised that not all Catholic schools are the same. Shutterstock

Catholic schools aren’t all the same, and Gonski 2.0 reflects this

Catholic schools say they’re losing money under Gonski 2.0, but this is only true for schools serving students in affluent areas – those in poorer areas will either be unaffected, or get more.
For Australian school kids to get the most benefit out of school funding reforms, the Commonwealth government must take a hands-off approach. AAP/Lukas Coch

Why the Commonwealth should resist meddling in schools

The shift in the education debate from “how much” to “how best” is a welcome change, but for students to feel the full benefit the federal government must resist intervening.
Education Minister Simon Birmingham is calling for a new education funding model to replace Gonski. Lukas Coch/AAP

Gonski model was corrupted, but Labor and Coalition are both to blame

Instead of a needs-based model, we ended up with an inconsistent patchwork of approaches across Australian states and territories that protected the vested interests of non-government schools.
Education Minister Christopher Pyne has distanced himself from the controversial proposals to withdraw federal funding from public schools, and means-test public school parents. AAP/Glenn Hunt

Leaked school funding proposals: should we be worried?

The leak of four reform proposals for Australian schooling has triggered panic and confusion across the country. But while at first glance the proposals may seem worrying, they need to be put in context.
Gonski’s report on school funding has been backed by a senate committee even though the federal government isn’t backing it. AAP

Senate committee backs Gonski

With very limited media attention, the Australian public could be excused for not even knowing about the Senate Select Committee that handed down its report on equity and excellence in Australian schools…
What’s the ideal arrangement for funding education? Would responsibility lie with the federal or state governments? AAP

Is education better off in state or federal hands?

The federal budget reignited debate over federal-state relations with a decision to cut $80 billion funding for the state responsibilities of schools and hospitals over the coming years. So how can federal-state…
David Gonski said he still stands by the recommendations in his review, despite them not being accepted by government. AAP

Gonski: Commission of Audit got it wrong on school funding

Chair of the Review of Funding for Schooling David Gonski has spoken out on his role in the controversial funding plan, released in 2011. In a speech to the Australian College of Educators at The University…
This year saw turbulent times –from childcare centres to universities. AAP Image/Dan Peled

2013, the year that was: Education

For most education watchers, this year has rushed by in a policy blur. So much so that we thought we had better launch our very own shiny Education section just to help you keep on top of things. The launch…
Gonski isn’t everything and we need to refocus the debate back to equity. School image from

Curriculum, equity and resources: how we got lost in the Gonski debate

It’s been a big week for education. Amidst all the confusion and politics on school funding of the last week there have been a couple of repeated mantras by the federal education minister – namely that…
Education minister Chris Pyne says the Gonski model was addressing a problem that doesn’t really exist in Australian education: equity. AAP Image/ Nikki Short) NO ARCHIVING

FactCheck: is Australian education highly equitable?

“The OECD says that we are a high equity nation in terms of our students… I don’t believe there is an equity problem in Australia.” – Education Minister Christopher Pyne, Lateline interview, 26 November…
The Gonski money is back with an extra boost for some states that have signed up. But schools need to look for simpler solutions. AAP

Pyne finds extra Gonski money, but how should it be spent?

During the Cold War, both the Soviets and the Americans were trying to develop a way to write in space. American entrepreneurs spent an unknown sum developing a “space pen”, while the Soviets initially…
It’s not too often you see a backflip on a backflip, but education minister Christopher Pyne has managed it. AAP/Stefan Postles

From Gonski to gone to Gonski again: school funding future remains uncertain

It seems we’re in Gonski groundhog day. The repeated backflips and policy position switches from the Abbott government – only three months into its term – have been astounding. After announcing last week…

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