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Google Glass, seen by many as a monstrous carbuncle. John Stillwell/PA

Google Glass finally cracks: it was a product looking for a market

The announcement that Google is to halt sales of its Google Glass augmented-reality spectacles has been interpreted by some people as the end of a pilot project and the start of a new phase of product…
“Mr Page? Mr Brin? Phone call for you.” “Not now, we’re busy innovating.” ZouZou/Shutterstock

Silicon Valley tech giants: real innovators or spoilt rich kids?

According to TechRepublic, Google produced two of the five worst tech products of 2009 – Android 1.0 and Google Wave. The fact that Google remains dominant suggests that, while not infallible, it’s rich…
We are only beginning to see what augmented reality can do. Flickr/Ka rlis Dambra

Do we want an augmented reality or a transformed reality?

It seems we are headed towards a world where augmented reality (AR) systems will be as common as smartphones are today – it’s already about to revolutionise medicine, entertainment, the lives of disabled…
A re-imagined Sydney Opera House by Minifie van Schaik - trigger this for a glimpse of what’s to come in Venice. Courtesy: Felix Laboratories Pty Ltd

The Venice Architecture Biennale by phone … what’s app?

The creative team representing Australia at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – from June 7 to November 23, Felix Laboratories, of which I am a team member, was faced with the particular challenge…
Believe it or not, this is what the future of the internet really looks like. garryknight

You’ll hardly notice the next generation of wearable tech

On a trip to Germany, David Cameron has announced £45 million to prompt a “new industrial revolution” based on the internet of things. This marks the beginning of a new era for computing and for wearable…
For pity’s sake, get away from those cacti! Google glassers are out of control. Leaflet

Oh Glassholes, what have you done? Google is not pleased

Google must have been getting some negative feedback on people misusing Google Glass. It hasn’t overtly admitted as much, of course, but we can tell because of a communiqué that has been issued to “Glass…
Went to CES, couldn’t decide, so bought the lot. Robert Scoble

Wearable tech sees all, so choose what you want to share

This week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has offered up a veritable smörgåsbord of wearable technology. We’ve seen devices of all kinds to tempt us into this new age. So now is the time to decide…
Yep, looks like you’ve got too many browser windows open. eliz.avery

After the laughter comes a serious role for the SmartWig

Want to move your slide presentation on? Just raise an eyebrow and let your SmartWig flip to the next graph on your behalf. Well, not yet perhaps, but this is one of the ideas behind Sony’s surprising…
Now, where did I leave my keys? Ah, yes, in my left skin pocket. Ted Eytan

Not long now before on-body gadgets get under your skin

My Dad used to say that if he had a pocket somewhere on his skin he’d keep a torch in it. I thought it was weird at the time but as my eyesight has dimmed, I get what he was on about. Now it’s a mobile…
The ‘impossible’ is no longer: a hacked Google Glass is able to recognise faces and fetch personal details.

Smile! Face recognition for Google Glass is here, thanks to hackers

You’re probably already familiar with face recognition technology through security surveillance or Facebook photo tagging, but the next person you see wearing Google Glass may well be using it too - despite…
Will China’s copycat culture spawn a host of smartglasses? SewPixie

Baidu Eye: ‘micro-innovation’ or copying Google Glass?

The tech press reported recently that Chinese search giant was working on a new “smartglasses” device, dubbed Baidu Eye – a computerised headset with a small LCD screen, voice commands, image…
Glass has been smashed by the critics … but is that reaction justified? Slinky2000

See change: is Google Glass all it’s cracked up to be?

It was labelled one of 2012’s most important inventions and “the next big thing”. So it was, with great fanfare, that Google sent its first batch of Google Glasses out into the geekdom in March - and was…

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