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Funding still hinders energy transition. Singkham/Pexels

How crowdfunding could raise US$12 billion to boost renewable energy access in Indonesia

Funding is still central in developing new and renewable energy in Indonesia. Research shows that Indonesia could raise US$12.29 billion per year from public fundraising.
Mining waste can hold stores of valuable minerals. Shutterstock

Tapping mineral wealth in mining waste could offset damage from new green economy mines

Environmentalists are worried the shift to green energy means damage from more mines. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Water rushes through the Carillon Hydro electric dam in Québec. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Why Canada should invest in ‘macrogrids’ for greener, more reliable electricity

The electricity sector is expected to play a key role in Canada’s push to net-zero emissions. Enhancing long-distance transmission can be lower the cost of providing clean and reliable electricity.
The costs of renewable energy, including solar photovoltaics, is declining rapidly. (Shutterstock)

Why Ontario must rethink its nuclear refurbishment plans

Investing billions in refurbishing nuclear generating stations doesn’t make economic sense as the cost of renewables fall dramatically.

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